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Know Your AC Warning Signs

As a homeowner in Lewisville, Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lantana or the surrounding areas, you are no doubt aware of the need for a dependable air conditioning system when it comes to the uncompromising temperatures of a Texas summer. Because our summer season can be intense, you need to know that your AC is going to be there for you when you need it most. If your system is compromised, it is mostly likely to break down while working its hardest.  Even seemingly minor problems can lead to very real damages if not addressed in a timely manner. Review these common AC WARNING SIGNS, and contact Southern Comfort Mechanical at the first sign of trouble with your AC system – you don’t want to be the one waiting for service during the busiest season of the year.

Reduced Cooling Output

AC WARNING SIGNS:  Your air conditioner previously cooled your home evenly but now is blowing warm air, only cooling sporadically, or only cooling certain areas effectively.  This decrease in cooling output should be taken very seriously. You may have a refrigerant leak, an air flow issue, or problems with mechanized components such as fans. Whatever the issue may be, it is best to have it resolved as soon as possible, both for the sake of your comfort and for the condition of your system.


Premature Shut-Down

AC WARNING SIGNS:  Your AC seems to be starting up fine, but running only briefly before shutting back down.  This system issue is known as short-cycling. Short cycling may occur for a few different reasons, such as very dirty air filter restricting airflow and overloading the motor, or a faulty thermostat registering temperatures incorrectly, causing the system to cycle off before your house is actually cool enough. Short cycling can also occur when the system experiences a refrigerant leak or a failing run capacitor that cannot maintain the appropriate electrical charge in the motor. Short-cycling puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your system that could result in increased damages or premature breakdown. Call our office as soon as you notice your system cycling in this manner.

Strange Sounds

AC WARNING SIGNS:  Popping, whining, grinding, whistling, clanging, hissing and other atypical sounds. One of the most obvious signs of a system in need of repair are odd sounds coming from any component of your system, and should prompt you to call Southern Comfort Mechanical to schedule a service appointment with our professional technicians right away. These sounds are warning signals from your unit, and continued use could potentially make the problem worse and far more expensive to repair.

Ice on the System

AC WARNING SIGNS:  Frost or ice on your system’s supply lines or coils.  It would be easy to mistake ice on the evaporator coils of your unit as a sign that your air conditioning system is working well. The reality, though, is that icing in an AC system could indicate refrigerant leaks, dirty coils or filters, restricted air flow or operational issues. Ice accumulation is a sign that your system is not able to absorb heat from its environment, which is your AC system’s primary role. If you notice ice on your coils or refrigerant lines, call Southern Comfort Mechanical right away for service.

Tripped Breakers
AC WARNING SIGNS:  An unresponsive system with a tripped or melted electrical breaker.  If you find your AC is tripping your circuit breaker frequently, do not ignore the issue. The breaker is a safeguard against power surges that can damage your electrical system and start electrical fires. There are a few reasons your AC unit could be tripping the breaker, including dirty coils, a shorted motor, an issue in the breaker box, or an issue in the compressor. Regardless of the cause for the tripped breaker, we strongly advise you to address the issue as soon as possible so no further damage is done to the system.


High Energy Costs

AC WARNING SIGNS:  Higher than average summer energy costs.  Any number of issues in your Lantana home can contribute to increased energy usage and electricity expenses. However, if you’re having a hard time identifying why your bill has increased, read over the other AC system distress signals above and see if any of them sound familiar. An air conditioner that is not routinely maintained, a system that is compromised in any way, or an improperly sized unit could all be contributors to system inefficiency.

Not properly maintaining your system or seeking repairs in a timely manner can compromise both your budget and your comfort in your home. Let the Southern Comfort Mechanical team diagnose and repair any problems with your AC as soon as you discover them. Call us today at (972) 420-1700.

The Best Time to Purchase an A/C System

One of the best and most frequent questions our technicians receive in the field is “When is the best time to purchase an air conditioning system?”  If you’re in the market to replace your Flower Mound air conditioning system, you might be tempted to hold off on investing in new HVAC equipment until your A/C is on its last legs or for the change of seasons and extreme temperatures.  However, waiting for either of those things to come to pass will likely work against you. The key to receiving the best price for a new A/C system in Lantana and beyond is to understand the cyclical nature of the industry.

It would be easy to think that, because Lantana HVAC companies are busy as bees installing new systems in the Summer, it’s the best time for competitive prices, but that often isn’t the case. In our last Blog entry, we introduced you to the so-called “Shoulder Seasons” – those times of the year edging into the more demanding Summer and Winter months for HVAC companies such as Southern Comfort Mechanical.  In Texas, those seasons are late Autumn and early Spring.



Why, you may ask?  These times of the year are beautiful – perfect for getting out of doors, opening up your home for fresh breezes and saving on your energy bills.  Simply put, it’s not a time of the year you’re completely reliant upon air conditioning to regulate the temperature of your home.  It’s also when your Southern Comfort Mechanical Technician has the most time to spend with you to examine your options when buying a new A/C system.  During peak seasons, that time is at a premium and ultimately you end up competing not for a better price but for the first available system installation date for your Corinth area home.



In early Spring and late Fall, the industry itself experiences lower volume.  The various manufacturers offer promotional sales and preseason discounts during those times to engage consumers year round.  This means Southern Comfort Mechanical can work with you to select a quality system that is optimized specifically for your Flower Mound home at a price that can’t be matched during the peak Summer and Winter months.  In other words, the best time to purchase is when you can take your time and make an educated purchasing decision with the help of qualified professionals.  Call our office today to discuss these great deals and to schedule your free air conditioning estimate.  Our office staff is standing by at (972) 420-1700.

Proper Care for your HVAC System as it Ages

In many of the communities we serve, the average age of homes exceeds ten years. While new construction continues in many areas such as Lantana, Argyle, Flower Mound and Highland Village, several homes in those areas are now at the point where they no longer are under a new home warranty, so maintenance becomes more and more about prevention and efficiency. This is particularly true for your HVAC system. Here are some tips and pointers for caring for your system as that time approaches for your home:

Perform basic maintenance. Periodically check and change your filters and dust your vents and registers. Keep your intakes clear of furniture or other blockages. Clear grass, leaves and debris away from exterior condensers and rinse the condensing unit with water from your garden hose as part of routine preventative maintenance.

Service your system professionally. Commit to having your air conditioning systems professionally serviced prior to the seasons that are most taxing to your A/C and heating equipment – summer and winter. Biannual service, whether as part of our Comfort Club membership or your regular home preventative maintenance plan, helps ensure that the HVAC components that keep your system operating at peak performance are properly tested, cared for and monitored for wear and tear.

Review your electrical consumption from year to year. If you check your gas and electrical bills and find your usage steadily increasing over a period of years, it is a good indicator that your that your A/C system is having to work harder to meet the demand placed on its components. This increase in energy consumption is a sign that the overall A/C system is aging and that standard maintenance may no longer be enough to keep your A/C system performing.

Make timely repairs. Short-cycling, uneven cooling, loud operation, unusual noises, etc., are all indicators that your A/C system is in need of repair. Delaying repair only prolongs the potential for additional damage to the compressor which will only shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system.


Consider replacement. An air conditioning system in regular need of repair or rebalance will eventually become more cost prohibitive than installing a new system. Cost considerations include the rapidly rising costs of R-22* refrigerant used in older units, parts and labor, time, energy consumption, and a sacrifice in comfort and indoor air quality, just to name a few. Air conditioners have a manufacturers estimated lifespan; if your unit has reached that age or is showing signs of failure or inefficiency, it is time to have your A/C system evaluated for recommended repair or component replacement. Current models that make use of improved refrigerants and utilize the latest technology will deliver more efficiency and will be backed by a warranty that better protects your investment.

As always, we hope you will choose Southern Comfort Mechanical as your Lewisville area partner in the care of your HVAC system. We are here to keep your system functional and healthy for the full extent of its lifespan. Please contact us today if you are in need of preventive maintenance, repair or replacement or if you have questions about how to get the most efficiency out of your unit.

*A note on R-22: Many systems manufactured before 2010 still use a coolant known as R-22. The EPA began phasing out this refrigerant at that time and continues to step down the amount available for sale each year. This decrease in supply will mean that the cost of R-22 that is used in these older units continues to steadily rise in price. In the next three years, the supply available will fall to only .5% of what was available in 2010. That scarcity will make the cost of maintaining older units incredibly pricey.

What is Preventative Maintenance and Why do I Need It?




We know that as a homeowner in the Flower Mound, Corinth, Lantana, or Lake Dallas area, you’ve invested a great deal in your HVAC system. Even if you’re not homeowner, there’s probably been some time or another when your air conditioning system has failed you. In the Texas heat, this is no joke and it’s definitely no fun. So what’s the vital key to keeping your home’s heating and air conditioning system healthy? It’s simple, really. Regular preventative maintenance. But what does preventative maintenance actually entail?

When you schedule a maintenance call, we’ll send one of our licensed and certified HVAC technicians to your home to do an overall comprehensive cleaning and analysis of your system which includes the air conditioner or heat pump, the furnace, the evaporator coil, etc. While they’re doing this, they’ll make sure that everything is operating and running properly while also making sure that nothing needs to be replaced or repaired. In most cases if something like an air filter needs to be replaced, this is the time to do it and your A/C service tech will take care of replacing items such as these.


Another important part of a maintenance check-up is a safety check. Your technician will check your system to look for any safety concerns such as cracks in your heat exchanger or gas leaks. This is an extremely crucial checkpoint as carbon monoxide leaks could be severely harmful to you and your family and in some cases, even fatal. If you have a CO detector, the tech will also check that to make sure that it works accordingly and that there aren’t hazardous levels of gasses in your home.


Once all that has been checked, your technician will clean any parts or components of your HVAC system that you can’t do on your own. If any air conditioning repairs need to be made, your technician will either complete them during this visit or schedule a time at your convenience to come and fix any issues found during the maintenance check.
If you have any questions at all about your HVAC system or anything related to it, don’t hesitate to ask your technician. They are trained to help you and answer any question you might have in great detail and with helpful suggestions. You can also always call our office at 972-420-1700 if you have any questions about your heating and cooling system.
At the end of your maintenance check-up, you will receive a report written up that will review and summarize what the visit entailed and what the technician did if any repairs or replacements were made at that time.


Through our Comfort Club maintenance program, you can get regular inspections on your air conditioning and heating units. And At Southern Comfort Mechanical, if you’re a Comfort Club member, we’ll always remind you of your bi-annual check-ups–one in the spring (before it gets too hot) and one in the fall (before it gets too cold). We save our customers money in the long run by doing maintenance work on your units and keeping your systems working efficiently. When you use our service plan, you also get discounted prices if you should require an air conditioning or heating repair anytime throughout the year. If you’re not a Comfort Club member, please call us before you get stuck in the heat this summer! Use this coupon if you’re a first time customer with us to receive $16 off of your precision tune up!


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Flower Mound – Capacitor Troubles?

As many of you know, there are easy ways to maintain your air conditioning system. Changing your filters regularly, keeping your condenser clear of pollen and bugs, and scheduling regular maintenance are ways to get the full life expectancy of your system. However, it’s inevitable that something could possibly go wrong. The consecutive 100 degree days are about to be upon us, the most common air conditioning part that fails is a condenser fan motor capacitor. That brings us to today’s topic, your capacitor. Where is it?  What does it do? What is it?

A capacitor, which is located in your condenser, regulates the voltage running to your motor. In its simplest form it consists of two conducting surfaces separated by a dielectric. There are many reasons your capacitor can go out – High temperatures and pressures, age of part, leaking has occurred, insulator deteriorated, or a power surge. With proper preventative maintenance, a failure may be avoided saving you money and frustration. Typical life expectancy of a capacitor is approximately 5 years.

Southern Comfort Mechanical, serving Flower Mound, Highland Village and surrounding areas, has technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no over time charges. With fully stocked trucks and knowledgeable technicians, we can get your system running in no time! Call us today at 972-420-1700.

Left - Blown Capacitor Right - New Capacitor

Left – Blown Capacitor. Right – New Capacitor

Dog Days of Summer Are Here!

Summer break is finally upon us. Whether you are a native Texan or you’ve just moved here, it’s always good to have a quick refresher on heat-surviving tips. If you have outdoor pets, make sure they have plenty of water and a shaded area. If you can, let them stay indoors from 10 am to 6 pm. If they must stay outside, be sure they don’t bed near the condenser or urinate on it. It can get clogged with pet hair and dog urine will void any warranty you have. Make sure to keep if free of pet hair, pollen and bugs.  Keep a bottle of ant spray and check your condenser regularly, as ants can loosen electrical components and cause your system to fail. And, as ALWAYS, never leave a child or pet in a hot car, even for just one minute.

Should you have issues with your air conditioner, take advantage of our June money-saving offers. For ONLY $69 you can get a service call PLUS one pound of FREE Freon! Government regulations have really upped the price of Freon, so this is a good chance to get your system topped off and keep cash in your wallet. Anyone can take advantage of this offer!

As always, we are offering $25 off to new customers only with any service repair. Coupon must be presented at time of service and is not valid with any other offer.

Also, as Trane TCS dealers, we have exclusive offers that we can pass the savings to you! We are offering special financing through Wells Fargo for 15 months with approved credit on Trane qualifying systems. Give us a call today at 972-420-1700 to schedule your service call or estimate!


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Advantages of Joining the Comfort Club Maintenance Program

Comfort Club MaintenanceKeeping your air conditioning and heating systems in working condition is important to your health and comfort level. To keep from sweating or freezing in your home or office because of a major heating or cooling problem, your air conditioner and furnace need regularly maintenance. Having professionals come in to regularly inspect and make minor repairs to your systems can help to ensure that you won’t have a major issue during the middle of the summer or winter. If you are looking for a Coppell air conditioning and heating company that offers an affordable maintenance plan, consider Southern Comfort Mechanical. Our Lewisville company is committed to providing quality maintenance, repair, and installation services to customers in different parts of northern Texas.

Through our Comfort Club maintenance program, you can get regular inspections on your air conditioning and heating units. Our masterful technicians look at and replace different parts, change your filters, and clean out drains or coils to keep your heating and air conditioning systems in working order. We save our customers money over the long run by doing maintenance work to your units early and keeping your systems working efficiently. When you use our service plan, you can also get discounted prices on filters and parts.

Along with servicing your heating and air conditioning units, we also can do any repair or installation needed. If you need an emergency air conditioning repair or a late night fix to your furnace, you can count on Southern Comfort Mechanical to be there for you. Whatever make or model you have, our tidy and insightful technicians are trained to make repairs to your furnace or air conditioner. If you need a new unit, our licensed professionals will work with you to find a more energy-efficient heating or cooling system that will save you money on your energy bills.

If you live in Coppell, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Carrollton, Southlake, Corinth, or a surrounding area, we can help you to find an air conditioning or heating solution. We will send someone out as soon as possible to inspect your unit and provide you with a free estimate. Call Southern Comfort Mechanical anytime at 972-420-1700.

Air Conditioning Repair in Flower Mound from Southern Comfort Mechanical

Located in Lewisville, Texas, Southern Comfort Mechanical provides air conditioning repair services to people all around the Dallas area. If you need an air conditioning repair in Flower Mound, Grapevine, Carrollton Southlake, Corinth or Highland Village, our technicians can come out to your home. We understand how inconvenient it is to be without air conditioning, especially during humid days in the middle of the summer. Our technicians will work hard to find a timely solution to your air conditioning problem.

Our family-owned business, which has been around since 2007, has quickly built a reputation in the heating and cooling industry because we provide customer-driven and quality repair services to heaters and air conditioners. Our small company works hard to provide customers in the Dallas area with affordable air conditioning services, including repairs. Our technicians are fully qualified to repair and do preventive maintenance on commercial and residential air conditioning units.

Our company has technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of air conditioning problems. When you have a late night or early morning problem with your air conditioner that is keeping you from getting a restful sleep, you just have to give us a call. We will send one of our skilled technicians out to do an emergency repair on your air conditioner for an affordable price. We are committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you let us know that you aren’t satisfied, we will work with you to resolve any air conditioning problem you have, even on a holiday or in the middle of the night.

Along with repairs, our technicians can also come out to your home to do preventative AC maintenance and energy analyses to make sure that your heating and cooling systems work efficiently and properly for years. We are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and North American Technical Excellence, and we are committed to helping customers to have energy efficient homes. Our preventative maintenance plans help to make maintenance jobs on your heaters and air conditioners more affordable for you. We also offer insulation and duct cleaning services to keep air conditioning units efficient and fully functional.

Our president Jason Fraser, who has worked in the heating and cooling industry for over 10 years, and our staff are fully committed to taking care of your air conditioner repair needs. When our technicians come out to your home, they look at your air conditioning unit at no cost.

Our top priority at Southern Comfort Mechanical is to make sure you receive a top-quality repair to your residential or commercial air conditioning unit. Through July, receive free Clean Effects with the purchase of a qualifying system. For more information, give us a call at 972-420-1700 or contact us online.

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