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The Nose Knows – Dirty Sock Syndrome


Earlier this month, a school in Arlington with a number of indoor air quality issues received back an environmental analysis that had a peculiar-sounding HVAC ailment you may not have heard about before now – Dirty Sock Syndrome.  It may sound like a very made up name, but it’s actually a very real and common problem.  In the last few weeks alone, Southern Comfort Mechanical’s staff has fielded calls for HVAC service in Corinth, The Colony, Lantana, Flower Mound, Coppell, Lewisville and more, all reporting an unusual odor emanating from their heating and air conditioning systems.  They used colorful language to describe the smell – it’s like a “locker room,” or “dirty gym clothes,” or “stinky feet” – so it’s no wonder where Dirty Sock Syndrome got its name.

The district said it has already removed allergenic mold that was on the coils of heating and cooling units…

Posted by FOX 4 News on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

But, just what is Dirty Sock Syndrome?  Dirty Sock Syndrome is caused by a buildup of mold and bacteria within your unit.  The indoor evaporator coils and heat pump of your Corinth air conditioning system are a perfect environment for bacteria and fungi, especially as you quickly transition from warm to cold and back frequently.  In the so-called “shoulder seasons” of the year, when the daytime and nighttime temperatures fluctuate significantly, your system is doing exactly that.  As your unit cycles out of cooling in the afternoons, the coils begin to defrost, the ice evaporates and the warmer, moister dark and dusty environment inside your unit allows these microbes to flourish.  Eventually this breeding ground produces enough waste product and decay that it becomes noticeable to the human nose as the warm air of the system pushes the odor out into your home.

Is Dirty Sock Syndrome a health hazard?  Generally, no.  While mold and mildew and bacteria are all pretty scary words on their own, typically, unless you or someone in your family is immuno-compromised or incredibly sensitive to mold and allergens, Dirty Sock Syndrome is unlikely to cause any ill effects unless left untreated.  Delaying treatment will only increase the number of bacteria and mold spores that contribute to the smell and further deteriorate the indoor air quality produced by your Highland Village air conditioner system.

How can I prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome?  Like most illnesses, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for Dirty Sock Syndrome.   Mildew, bacteria and mold need dust and other debris to truly thrive, so preventing foreign particles from entering your system is of primary importance.  Choose a high-quality air conditioning filter that can stop Dirty Sock Syndrome before it starts.  Change filters regularly for both your family’s health and the health of your air conditioning system.   Periodically cleaning your evaporator coils with a non-acidic solution is also recommended as part of your routine heating and air conditioning maintenance.  Having your Lantana AC system regularly serviced, such as with Southern Comfort Mechanical’s Comfort Club Service Plan, is a further measure that helps ensure your heating and air conditioning system’s overall health.

How to get rid of Dirty Sock Syndrome?  If your Flower Mound air conditioning system is emitting a certain gym locker smell, you may already have Dirty Sock Syndrome.  If you have performed preventive maintenance and changed your filters as scheduled, and you still have a pervasive odor, it’s time to call Southern Comfort Mechanical and request a professional coil cleaning for your affected Corinth AC system.  Our skilled technicians can help identify if there are any contributing factors to the odor you may not have considered and can clean and treat your coils with expert care.




The Importance of a Working Heat Pump

heating repair technicianAs a home or business owner in Highland Village, TX, you need a working heat pump in order to ensure your comfort throughout the months of cold weather. If your heating system experiences a problem, the technicians at Southern Comfort Mechanical offer dependable repairs as well as preventive maintenance to keep your system operating at its peak level of performance. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians explain the benefits and importance of a working heat pump.

When it comes to cost effective home heating solutions, heating systems that use pumps require less electricity or fuel to operate compared to other types of heating equipment. During the summer months, the pump shares the workload with your central air conditioning system, extending the lifespan of both units. If you are considering listing your home on the local real estate market, a working pump will increase your home’s resale value.

Environmentally Friendly
Heating equipment like pumps do not release carbon monoxide or dioxide during their routine operations. This means a lower risk of toxic gas buildup in your home, as well as less environmental degradation compared to the use of a gas furnace.

Heating systems that utilize a pump offer a more consistent level of indoor comfort. Pump systems offer superior humidity control so that the air in your home or business is not too dry during the winter months, a common problem with furnaces. The newest pumps offer split phase and multi-phase speed fans and motors to improve airflow throughout your living and working spaces.

At Southern Comfort Mechanical, we offer heating system repair, maintenance, and installation services for homes and businesses. We have built a solid reputation throughout the Highland Village area for providing heating services that are reliable, efficient, and affordable. When you need Highland Village heating services, we look forward to assisting you. Call our team today at 972-420-1700 to schedule your heating system service.

Heating System Inspection from Your Flower Mound TX Heating Expert

A preventative maintenance schedule for your heating system from your Flower Mound TX heating experts at Southern Comfort Mechanical can save you the hassle of untimely repairs and new heating installations. It keeps your system running efficiently and this saves you energy and money yearly.

A heating system inspection pinpoints and corrects emerging problems early when they are least expensive and before the equipment fails altogether. A heating inspection lowers the total operating and maintenance costs over the life of your heating system and provides you with peace of mind knowing your equipment is always in top shape.

Your Flower Mound heating inspection service professionals, Southern Comfort Mechanical, are offering a discounted inspection for $75. This seasonal fall heating system maintenance offer won’t last long! Call 972-420-1700 today to schedule your discounted heating system inspection.

Southern Comfort Mechanical also offers their Comfort Club Service Plan, a preventative maintenance agreement that gives you priority scheduling, discounted pricing and two visits per year that include a check of your air conditioning and your heating system. The 13 point heating system inspection includes a check of your evaporator coil, burners, heat exchangers, electrical connections, blower belts, motor bearings, condensate drains, filters and more. For just $195 for the first system and $145 for each additional system, you can have superior service and peace of mind year round.

Southern Comfort Mechanical is your Flower Mound TX heating and cooling experts.  Your heating system is important as the cooler temperatures arrive. Having your heater in top shape will help keep you warm and prevent a breakdown this fall and winter. Give Southern Comfort Mechanical a call at 972-420-1700 or visit them online to schedule a discounted heater inspection today.

‘Refer A Friend’ Incentive

Refer A FriendSouthern Comfort Mechanical AC and Heating takes pride in offering our customers the best work possible when it comes to your heating and cooling needs, in addition to performing with the utmost customer service.

For this reason, our Lewisville TX HVAC specialists offer a “Refer A Friend” incentive for all our customers. We are proud to offer any of our clients $100 if they pass our name along to a friend, relative or acquaintance and we install a new heating or cooling system for them.

We value the customers who value us, and we want to reward them as best as we can. This incentive will help us further establish ourselves as the premier source in HVAC needs around Lewisville and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We specialize in the installation of several major brands of central HVAC equipment, as well as heat pumps, duct cleaning and insulation.

Feel free to give us a call and ask about the “Refer A Friend” incentive. Call our Lewisville TX heating and cooling company today, or visit us online for details.

Become a Member of the ‘Comfort Club’

Preventative MaintenanceSouthern Comfort Mechanical offers all of its customers the Comfort Club Service Plan. This is all a part of our preventative maintenance plan, which further carries on our mission of encouraging long-term customer relationships using the best service, top-notch professionalism and quality workmanship.

The Comfort Club Service Plan is our agreement to you to keep your HVAC system running in excellent condition. We want to keep your heating and air conditioning units in great shape and help you save money and energy.

With this plan, our Lewisville TX HVAC experts offer a 13-check inspection twice a year for your heating and air conditioning units. We want all customers to expect the very best service in a timely manner, as well as affordable rates.

We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of the Comfort Club Service Plan, as it can help individuals save money in the long run. Many customers have chosen the Comfort Club Service Plan. Let our Lewisville TX heating and cooling company handle all of your HVAC preventative maintenance needs. Call us today, or contact us online for more information.

Heat Pumps Can Combat Winter Temperatures

Heat PumpAs the temperatures resemble winter with each day passing, keeping warm in your home becomes more and more of a priority. Our Lewisville heating experts suggest purchasing a quality heat pump to keep your household comfortable throughout the remaining winter days.

A heat pump, per dictionary definition, is a device that can warm or cool a residential or commercial property by “transferring heat from a relatively low-temperature reservoir to one at a higher temperature.” During the winter season, a heat pump will extract warm air from outside and move it into the home or office, creating a . Some say heat pumps simply are air systems with transposing capabilities.

Heat pumps are recommended because they provide an economical, energy-efficient alternative to property owners who want a relaxed home or office environment. Combining the use of a heat pump with proper air duct insulation will assist in keeping the heating and cooling bills to a minimum.

There are plenty of heat pumps to choose, but our Lewisville heating company suggests that you choose one that has an energy efficiency guarantee. Our expert Lewisville heating and cooling technicians specialize in all HVAC services, including heat pump installation and maintenance. Feel free to call us today, or contact us online for more details.

Readying Your Heating For Use

Preventative maintenance for both your heating and air conditioning units is vital to their continued functionality. Without proper care, your systems may seem to be functioning properly but are actually running at reduced capacity and efficiency levels. In order to assure the best operation at the lowest cost and most effective manner, you should follow a simple list of guidelines and create an itemized checklist to assure your heating unit and air conditioner are both operating at full capacity.

Especially with the change in seasons, heating units and gas furnaces are being turned on for the first time. It is essential to listen for any unusual noises coming from any component of your unit, as well as to take note of and locate the source of any abnormal smells the heating device produces. This could be due to dirt and dust in your vents, a gas leak, or anything in between. You should plan to have your heating system serviced once a year, prior to the cold season, for preventative maintenance. This will assure that your system is up to par when you need it most.

In addition to recognizing any signs of faulty operation, you should check items in your heating system (and air conditioning unit in the spring) to assure that all operations and devices are functioning properly. While there may be no readily evident problem, you might find that not all aspects of your system are working quite as they should. Start by checking your ventilation system to assure it is working properly. You may locate a blockage that needs to be removed or a leak that must be repaired to improve efficiency.

Measure the rise and fall of the temperature in your home during air flow operation. This will alert you to any issues with the heating elements, as well as with your thermostat, should your environment not be reaching the preset desired temperature before the system shuts off. Other aspects of preventative maintenance involve monitoring the gas lines for possible leaks, checking the voltage and amperage on your system, and maintaining the proper refrigerant charge for both air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Always clean and replace your air filters for best results. This is the simplest, and therefore, one of the most commonly overlooked forms of preventative maintenance that can negatively affect the performance of your forced air heating system. Once a year, have a technician come out and service your unit to assure top performance as the season cools down and the freezes begin to hit. Our heating system specialists in Lewisville TX are ready to help you. Make sure you’ve called for preventative maintenance in Lewisville so you can rest easy knowing you are set for the long haul this winter.

Lewisville TX Heat Pumps

Heat Pump IllustrationAt Southern Comfort Mechanical, a Lewisville Texas A/C and heating company, we realize that heat pumps are not widely understood comfort systems, yet they can effectively and efficiently serve the heating and cooling needs for many Texas residents. An air-source heat pump – the most common type of heat pump – is a single unit that uses refrigerant to both cool and heat an interior space. During the hot summer months, an air conditioner cools a home by moving the hot air from the inside of the home to the outside of the home. During the winter, the opposite happens; heat from the outside is transferred to the inside of the home.

Are heat pumps energy efficient? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an air-source heat pump can provide anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times more heat energy to a home than electricity it consumes. Heat pumps work most efficiently in moderate temperatures. Generally speaking, efficiency and effectiveness are drastically reduced when temperatures fall below 40 degrees. In this case, auxiliary electric resistance coils are available to heat the home until the temperature climbs back up.

When should one consider using a heat pump? Some Texas homes do not have gas lines; therefore, efficient gas furnaces are not an option. In this case, heat pumps can provide a significant cost-saving alternative to standard electric heat furnaces.

Our Lewisville heat pump experts can help you determine if a heat pump is right for your home or office.

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