Readying Your Heating For Use

Preventative maintenance for both your heating and air conditioning units is vital to their continued functionality. Without proper care, your systems may seem to be functioning properly but are actually running at reduced capacity and efficiency levels. In order to assure the best operation at the lowest cost and most effective manner, you should follow a simple list of guidelines and create an itemized checklist to assure your heating unit and air conditioner are both operating at full capacity.

Especially with the change in seasons, heating units and gas furnaces are being turned on for the first time. It is essential to listen for any unusual noises coming from any component of your unit, as well as to take note of and locate the source of any abnormal smells the heating device produces. This could be due to dirt and dust in your vents, a gas leak, or anything in between. You should plan to have your heating system serviced once a year, prior to the cold season, for preventative maintenance. This will assure that your system is up to par when you need it most.

In addition to recognizing any signs of faulty operation, you should check items in your heating system (and air conditioning unit in the spring) to assure that all operations and devices are functioning properly. While there may be no readily evident problem, you might find that not all aspects of your system are working quite as they should. Start by checking your ventilation system to assure it is working properly. You may locate a blockage that needs to be removed or a leak that must be repaired to improve efficiency.

Measure the rise and fall of the temperature in your home during air flow operation. This will alert you to any issues with the heating elements, as well as with your thermostat, should your environment not be reaching the preset desired temperature before the system shuts off. Other aspects of preventative maintenance involve monitoring the gas lines for possible leaks, checking the voltage and amperage on your system, and maintaining the proper refrigerant charge for both air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Always clean and replace your air filters for best results. This is the simplest, and therefore, one of the most commonly overlooked forms of preventative maintenance that can negatively affect the performance of your forced air heating system. Once a year, have a technician come out and service your unit to assure top performance as the season cools down and the freezes begin to hit. Our heating system specialists in Lewisville TX are ready to help you. Make sure you’ve called for preventative maintenance in Lewisville so you can rest easy knowing you are set for the long haul this winter.

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